Our Team

Jessica Redmond

Owner, Chief Editor

Jessica has a love for all genres, but her first love is Rock. It was Nirvana's "Nevermind" album that really opened the door to a world of hard-hitting drums and face-melting guitar riffs, and it was from that moment on that there was no going back. Other rock greats that have captivated her rocker soul include the pounding double-bass of Mudvayne, the scorching vocals of Corey Taylor in Slipknot, and lest we not forgot the nu-metal masterpiece fronted by Chester Bennington (RIP) that we'll always know as Linkin Park. Today, her list of favorites is so long that there's simply no point in listing them all - and it extends way beyond the rock genre, catapulting from one extreme to the other. On Monday, she could be listening to Manson. On Friday, it might be Kayzo. You just never know. And to her, that's what makes the world of music so damn great.

Steve Porter

Contributor, Photographer

Steve is the proud father of two adult sons and currently resides in southern Wisconsin. He is the co-founder of Rock|Life Magazine, in addition to owning his own concert photography business (Steve Porter Photography). He has shot many of the nation's biggest rock festivals, including but not limited to Rock On The Range, Welcome To Rockville, Carolina Rebellion, Summerfest (aka the world's largest music festival - Google it), Aftershock, Rock Fest Cadott, Rock USA, and Northern Invasion. While shooting the bigger bands and festivals is an amazing experience, he loves the intimacy and challenge of shooting smaller, dark clubs. Steve is also a Live Music junkie. He keeps a spreadsheet of every band he's seen and how many times, and the count is currently at 674 different artists. He's pretty selective about what he listens to, but he loves seeing bands play live. In fact, some of the bands he's heard live he has yet to listen to their recorded stuff.

Jess Campbell


Jess is just a Michigan girl trying to live in this crazy world. She enjoys all genres of music but was raised on Country and 80's Hair Bands. Even though she prefers Rock and Metal, you can find her singing Hip Hop or or 2000's Boy Band tracks in her car. Jess enjoys throwing herself into Infinite Volume and random adventures. With the time that she does have left, she can be found trying to find the next binge-worthy show on Netflix or Hulu.

Tabitha Smith


Tabitha is the newest contributor. She is a talented visually-impaired aspiring writer who's also attending classes in both acting and journalism! In her free time, she enjoys going to coffee shops, reading, spending time with friends and she's also a bit of a singer. Her passions are writing, music, travelling and going to concerts. Some of her favorite bands include Alter Bridge, Shinedown, Walking Papers, Sevendust, Guns N Roses and Five Finger Death Punch; however, the list is too long to name them all!

Kyle Redmond


When Kyle's not taking his sons to Notre Dame football games, he's probably shooting something on XBox or watching something on Netflix (he absolutely refuses to play Animal Crossing). Some of his favorite artists include Hollywood Undead and Neffex, and one of his least favorite things ever is talking on the phone - he also doesn't check his voicemail.