Stand Atlantic Release New Single + Music Video For “deathwish feat. nothing,nowhere.”


Release New Single + Music Video For  
“deathwish feat. nothing,nowhere.”

APRIL 30, 2021 – Australian rock band Stand Atlantic have shared their newest single “deathwish” featuring rap artist nothing,nowhere. In the words of Stand Atlantic vocalist and guitarist Bonnie Fraser, “deathwish”serves as a not-so-gentle reminder to “don’t be a little bitch to other people’s opinions, trust yourself instead, you’ll be better than ever.” 

On the new single, Fraser shares, “Frankly, I died. I was a servant to the opinions of people who didn’t give a fuck about me. My self-worth was so low that I would get high off a glimpse of their approval. I lost myself and I think the old me had a deathwish all along. But now I’m back and truly have zero fucks left to give.”

The release of “deathwish” is paired with a deceivingly sweet music video filled with bright colors that directly contrast the song’s lyrics.

Stand Atlantic released their new album ‘Pink Elephant’ last year. It’s available for streaming on all platforms. nothing,nowhere’s newest album ‘Trauma Factory’ was released February of this year and can be streamed on all platforms.

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