UK grunge rockers The Hunna release new single + video “Bad Place ​     

Release New Single + Video”Bad Place”

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UK grunge rockers The Hunna release their single and video “Bad Place”. The  impassioned track is raw and personal with an incredibly resonating message – listen HERE. Coupled with the music video, “Bad Place” offers a compelling visual, smooth vocals and a mellow yet striking beat.

Another important element to this release is its connection to Mental Health Awareness Month. The Hunna and Fallen Media came together to kick off a campaign centered around a one-day activation that featured a video booth placed in the streets of New York City. In the booth, people were invited to give testimonies to their experiences over the last year and any challenges they faced and overcame. Beginning Friday, April 23, the content will trickle into a TikTok account (@BadPlace_) that will share these stories in support of Mental Health Awareness Month.  This account will lead to the full launch, which includes a full length video on The Hunna’s website and YouTube channel, on April 30.

Having their own personal experiences with emotional well-being, the three hope the song will start a dialogue around the importance of having these types of conversations. 

This song for me is super relevant, probably the most relevant song that we’ve released recently. Before the first lockdown officially happened, I lost my brother-in-law & best friend very suddenly which changed mine & my family’s life. Then going straight into lockdown, the uncertainty of when & how the pandemic would see an end & all the inhumane acts we’ve seen around the world, it’s been a lot for me mentally to deal with. I know that’s the same for people all over the world. ​​​​​​​

Its brought to light feelings & thoughts that perhaps I didn’t have before or were there but under the surface & more contained. I’ve had messages with fans talking about how they’re feeling & struggling to find a way out of it. Hopefully for our fans and anyone else listening / watching, they won’t feel as uncomfortable to speak up as I once did.”

– Ryan Potter of The Hunna on “Bad Place”

“Bad Place” is a single from The Hunna’s forthcoming  I’d Rather Die Than Let You In” deluxe albumset to release on streaming services this summer. The project consists of twelve invigorating tracks that touch on themes of love, loss, the rejection of society, angst, resilience, and the ultimate rebirth. As The Hunna says “It’s okay to be angry but it’s time to move on”. 

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