Haunter Starts Off 2021 With The Release of ‘Illuminate’

Haunter starts their 2021 off with the
release of their song

Alternative Pop band HAUNTER (Lucy LeNoir – Vocals, Enoma Asowata – Guitars, Mark Schroeder – Bass, Mike Ray – Guitars/Keys/Vocals) announces the release of their new single, “Illuminate”. The song is the fifth original track from the band. Haunter debuted their first single, “Love You Better” on February 14th, 2020, shortly thereafter their follow up “Miss Me” on May 15th , the “Love You Better” (AIRON Remix) on July 29th, the Electropop/Pop-Punk inspire “Risk It All” and the Future Bass/Trap remix to Miss Me (featuring alt-R&B singer R I L E Y and rapper CoMiikz) being released on October 23rd and December 18th respectively. These songs have exceeded 150,000 streams with the Love You Better with streaming exceeding 60,000 streams.

“Illuminate” is produced/co-written/mixed/mastered by two time Grammy nominated producer Tyler Smyth, whose credits include LIGHTS, I Prevail, Falling In Reverse. “Illuminate” showcases shimmering, ethereal guitars paired beautifully with trap style percussion, and LeNoir’s signature powerhouse vocals.

“Illuminate at it’s core is a love song,” states Asowata, “We wanted to write a song about those quiet moments in a relationship when you take a breath and realize that you’ve fallen completely and hopelessly in love with your partner. Something as they way they look at you ignites this response. We’re always sort of fascinated about that magic.”

Haunter plans to continue recording and releasing music throughout the year as well as prepare for live stream concert events. They will also celebrate their first year of releasing music.

“2020 was such a wild year for us. The whole world was rocked by the ongoing pandemic and it really threw a ton of uncertainty our way. We are fortunate to be in a place where we could release these songs. It’s been amazing to see how our songs are connecting with people. We’re thankful for everything,” states Schroeder, “When it’s safe to put on live shows, you can bet we’re going on the road and seeing everyone we can!”

The group is dedicated to creating uncompromising pop music and making genuine connections with listeners. As Lucy states,

“Music that comes from love and heartbreak make the best songs in the world, and I wouldn’t change it for anything. I think those concepts are things almost anyone can relate to and that’s really our goal here. We just want to make sure people understand they’re not alone in any of this.”


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