Spencer Chamberlain Sits Down with The Peer Pleasure Podcast for New Interview

The Peer Pleasure Podcast
Releases New Episode
Featuring Spencer Chamberlain of Underoath

Previous Guests Include Steve Choi, Matt Pinfield,
John Feldmann, Johnny Minardi, Chino Moreno, & More

November 10, 2020 – Despite a rollercoaster year across the board, The Peer Pleasure Podcast continues to share exciting interviews with the best that the entertainment industry has to offer. Today, host Dewey Halpaus is thrilled to share an exclusive conversation with Underoath’s Spencer Chamberlain. Listen now at www.peerpleasurepodcast.com.

Having Spencer on the podcast was a truly special experience. Connecting with another person is always great, but we connected on so many levels,” recalls Dewey. “We went deep into Spencer’s journey through darkness and how he gives everything to his band, that even extreme addiction couldn’t take precedent over, and he would be on point and ready to roll. That dedication to a craft, even when everything else is crashing down around you, truly speaks to his love of art and his fans. A true original.

In the episode they discuss identity and perception; Spencer shared:

Being a singer and the frontman, it’s your story. It’s just your identity, so much that people are hearing. It’s funny, I would say 10% out of everything I write is Underoath, but to the world that’s who I am.”

After years of touring with his past projects Portugal. The ManAnatomy of a Ghost, and The Burning Room, Dewey Halpaus found himself in need of a slower pace. He left the road and started a family, but later discovered that he wanted to be re-immersed in the music scene he stepped away from a decade earlier. This yearning to reconnect morphed into ​The​ ​Peer Pleasure Podcast.

Dewey formed his podcast around one basic concept – to give listeners access to a more personal side of the artist, while creating a comfortable and relaxed setting for the guest. Dewey opted to emphasize attentiveness and empathy rather than just asking questions from a list.

Since then, he has featured many incredible artists such as Fat Mike (NOFX), Ian Mackaye (Fugazi), and Anthony Green (Circa Survive). Dewey also expanded his repertoire to industry leaders, comedians and actors, some of which includes comedian Josh Johnson, Dan Sandshaw of Equal Vision Records, and John Heder from​Napoleon Dynamite.​

When listening to the podcast, you automatically notice how authentic and empathetic Dewey is. His genuine interest in the guest reels listeners in and sways them to seek out even more episodes. His attentiveness and ability to pick out key talking points throughout the conversation is undoubtedly impressive given the unpredictable nature of where these conversations can lead.

It’s kind of like keeping a volleyball in the air. You can drop it from time to time, but you have to keep it going,” he remarked when asked how he keeps the conversations flowing.

While ​The Peer Pleasure Podcast a​llows Dewey to re-immerse himself within the industry, it also gives him the opportunity to create something very personal. After his father’s passing, Dewey was able to listen to years of tapes from his father’s old radio shows. Being grateful to be able to hear his father’s voice even after he was gone, he wanted to do the same for his children.

All of my musical endeavors have been really loud music and screaming, you can’t hear my voice. This is a journal for my kids to go back and listen to once I’m gone. I want to leave them with a piece of something.”

Earlier this year The Peer Pleasure Podcast announced its partnership with Equal Vision Records in conjunction with Sound Talent Media, brining many new exciting opportunities for Dewey and future episodes. When asked what he hopes for, Dewey immediately responded with

my ultimate goal – an interview with Marilyn Manson in his own home.”

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