Vitruvia: A Fresh Face In Alt-Metalcore

Self-described as a “genre-bending alternative metalcore band”, Vitruvia is a quintet hailing from Reading, Pennsylvania. Influenced by many artists, this incredibly unique band covers topics that the world seems to push away, such as depression, suicide, and losing a loved one, and shed light on what it’s like to cope with those things. These lyrics are complimented by heavy riffs, a solid rhythm section and stellar vocal work. I got the chance to chat with Frontman and lead singer Dana Hinnershitz and learned a great deal about just how incredible the band Vitruvia really is.

TS: Talk to us about who Vitruvia is and the inspiration behind the name.

DH: So we consider ourselves a genre-bending alternative metalcore band. We have 4 members, myself (Dana Hinnershitz, rhythm guitar and one of lead vocals), Tanner Detweiler (bass guitar and the other lead vocalist), Christian Howell (lead guitarist and backing vocals), and Kevin Schlosser (drums). The name came from a dream from a previous member of the band. They were on a different planet shouting our name “Vitruvia.” We did some research on the word to see what we could find. There were some great meanings associated with the word so we kept it.

TS: You released your latest album “Broken World” earlier this year. Are you willing to give us a brief track-by-track breakdown? What is the meaning and inspiration behind the album?

DH: For sure!
So the album starts off with our single “Do Something.” This song we like to call our anthem song because it is a timeless song. The song talks about needing a change in our lives whether it be personal, our town/city, our world, etc. It’s about taking action and wanting to make that difference.
Track 2 leads into one of the heavier songs on this album called “Before I Wake”, which talks more about depression/suicidal thoughts and behaviors. It tells the story from the eyes of watching a close loved one struggling through life to the point of the loved one wanting to end their lives, but how the one watching will do anything in their power to keep their loved one here and well, despite how much pain the one watching will endure. As individuals in the band, we personally all have had that one loved one so this song hits home hard for us.
The 3rd song on the album is “Peace of Mind.” This song is about how we try to trap our demons inside and do our best to take control of them, but really it’s not about taking control – it’s about letting them go so we can be free.
The 4th song on the record is “It’s Not Over Now.” This one goes back to the state of depression and suicidal tendencies as “Before I Wake.” However, this one speaks from the self-perspective and the personal struggles of life. Although it may start negative and is the heaviest song on the record, it does turn around at the end showing we can stand strong through the pain when we are not alone.
The 5th song is “Star Bound.” This song is again is about depression. If you haven’t caught on yet our album really focuses on what we feel our world neglects to want to talk about which is the suffering of depression. This song hits home to all of us in the band and our fans. This song has helped our album hit over 25,000 streams on Spotify alone. This song is about how we feel separated from society at times and all we are trying to do is reach out for a hand to be pulled back in, because we know we can’t do it on our own, but also feel that our worth is nothing to those around. In the end, the song talks about not giving up and just holding on because at some point someone will see/hear and will reach out.
What inspired this album is based around our spiritual faith, our personal struggles, seeing others struggle, and just wanting everyone that is going through hard times to know that they truly are not alone.

TS: Many artists haven’t been able to get out and play due to the lockdown, which has led to a lot of new music being created. Has this been the case for Vitruvia?

DH: New music hasn’t been created yet. Well, we are always writing but nothing solid yet for a new album. Even though lockdown has happened, our area is still allowing some outdoor events with strict rules to follow. We have been a part of three of these events and had a blast. We have taken this time to do a few other things though to keep us busy. One of those things was building our new in-ear monitoring system thanks to our one endorsement, “Phenyx Pro.” They fully support us and helped us get all members in-ear monitoring units and wireless mics. Our new system is plugin, turn on, and play ready! Truly competing with national act rigs. We also took this time to try and build our network, our socials, and awareness of the band. However, we have also taken this time to try and learn home recording in hopes we may be able to self record in the near future. We took advantage of the time and partnered with some good friends of ours, A War Within, from Michigan, and we are working on a self-produced cover song together. which we cannot wait till we are done so we can share it with everyone. 

TS: When did you last play live & how do you see the rollout coming back?

DH: Our last show was LAST NIGHT! Our area is allowing some things to happen with strict rules in place. It’s hard to tell right now how the rollout will be as there are venues starting to close their doors. We can only hope for, smaller bands like us, the local scenes all around will stand together to continue to come up with unique ways to put on shows to help up and coming artists. We also hope that doors will open soon for bigger events so music can fully stay alive as live shows are a big revenue stream for artists. That being said, we are going to stay positive and say the rollout will work its way through and things will be even better than what they were!

TS: What is your dream performance? Who do you open or headline for in this scenario? Where would you perform?

DH: Haha this question is almost impossible to answer! We just want to play in front of many for a show that makes sense for us. Lol. If we had to pick though, one would be playing with The Ghost Inside’s fest in Massachusetts in 2021 & many others! We could talk about this question forever though as we all have our own personal influences outside our mutuals. 

TS: Who are your musical influences?

DH: Without going crazy into details here is a list of bands that influence us as a band and individually…..

The Ghost Inside, Wage War, Polaris, Architects, Northlane, Chunk No Captain Chunk, Four Year Strong, August Burns Red, Our Last Night, Beatles, Queen, A Day to Remember, Breaking Benjamin, and this list just goes on!

TS: What has been one of your favorite moments while performing?

DH: There have been a few but nothing feels better than having someone in the audience come on stage and grab a mic and take over vocals! One of the coolest things we have done though is made our drummer crowd surf and one of us took over playing drums while the crowd took him away lol. 

TS: Do you have any favorite songs that you love performing live?

DH: Star Bound, It’s Not Over Now, and Before I Wake would probably be our favorites at this time.

TS: Is there anything I didn’t cover that you would like people to know about the band?

DH: Just to make sure to have everyone check us out on socials and get connected with us! We love meeting new people and are always willing to talk! Best way to find us is by going to and there you will be able to link to all our socials.