The Hunna return with an anthem for the youth “Young & Faded” ​     

The Hunna return with an invigorating anthem for the youth
“Young & Faded”


off of their forthcoming album
I’d Rather Die Than Let You In

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Today (Sept 17), The Hunna releases new single, “Young & Faded” – listen HERE – off of their highly anticipated forthcoming album I’d Rather Die Than Let You In, out October 2nd. On the track, the band’s intoxicating vocals, pounding drums, and resonant guitar lines shine throughout, resulting in a hard-hitting song that will instantly transport listeners to the moshpit.  The track bounces between refined, filtered verses and a massive-sounding chorus, creating a captivating listen. “Young and Faded” is all about being unapologetic and passionate about your beliefs and not letting others sway your perspective. This song is a mesmerizing ode to the youth and serves as an exciting preview to The Hunna’s upcoming album release next month. 

The Hunna describes the inspiration behind “Young & Faded“:

  “This song is about the youth today and the perception and outlook that the older generations have. There’s been lots of comments and news reports proclaiming that the youth are mind-numb and angry from video games, that they have no respect for others, that they’re selfish, ungrateful, that they’re a broken and lost generation compared to those before. The song is also about and more importantly is from the view of the youth, how they feel cast out by so many due to misunderstanding or not wanting to understand. This song is ultimately young people taking the hate and the hurt and using it as a joke, ‘you aren’t gonna change us or break us’ and that we’re proud to be the fucked up lost and wasted young and faded youth. ‘We are strong and successful’”

The UK grunge rockers have been releasing a new track every month leading up to their forthcoming album, I’d Rather Die Than Let You In, and “Young & Faded” is the final one out before the album drops. The upcoming record packages their last two years, where they rid the ghosts of their past and celebrate a new journey/chapter. Working with Travis Barker, Josh Dunn, Pete Wentz and more, the new music showcases their anger, resilience and ultimate rebirth, as The Hunna states, “It’s okay to be angry but it’s time to move on.”

Pre-order I’d Rather Die Than Let You In HERE.

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