Ramez Silyan directs gorgeous new 35mm visual for The Neighbourhood



Writer and director Ramez Silyan was recently tapped to help The Neighbourhood with their visual for “Pretty Boy”, the latest single off their forthcoming album Chip Chrome & The Mono-Tones. Shot on 35mm, it’s a stunning accompaniment to one of the bands best songs in recent memory, capturing the stoic resignation of the songs protagonist and set against iconic LA backdrops. The video stars the groups vocalist, Jesse Rutherford, and Devon Lee Carlson. In less than a week the visual has accumulated well over 1 million views, and has been featured on Booooooom.

In a statement shared on Instagram, he writes –

Very rarely do you get an opportunity to work on something with a group of friends that just falls into place so effortlessly. The NBHD video for Pretty Boy feels like the culmination of conversations that Chip Chrome (Jesse Rutherford) and I had been kicking back and forth for a while. The ideas present in this video stewed for almost a year until we found an outlet… or at least the first outlet. I’m eternally grateful to everyone who was a part of this, you’re only as good as your entire crew (we made this with 9 people including talent). Jesse trusted me with his vulnerability and it shows, Chip can act!!!! I honestly haven’t felt this excited in a while, thank you for letting me get lost in something.

Ramez Silyan is a first generation Syrian-American born and raised in Los Angeles. After receiving his bachelors from UC Berkeley, he’s written and directed short films, documentaries, and music videos that have screened in competition around the world. His latest, Everybody’s Everything, a documentary on the life of Lil Peep debuted at SXSW 2019.

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