MAXI CURNOW releases video for new single ‘Tar & Honey’

Multi-instrumentalist MAXI CURNOW releases video for new single ‘Tar & Honey’

Multi-instrumentalist MAXI CURNOW has released a video for his brand new single ‘Tar & Honey’. The track is the first in a series of singles, set to be released every month until Christmas, and will be followed by his upcoming album. For fans of KarnivoolSpiritboxTesseracTSleep Token and Monuments, ‘Tar & Honey’ is packed with depth and colour, with an underlying heartfelt message.

Watch the video for ‘Tar & Honey’ here:

A perfect marriage of vivid and pop-inspired hooks, progressive composition, and modern technicality, MAXI CURNOW hits hard and immediately captivates, embracing everything from sweeping cinematics to planet-shaking carnage. Crafted with the help of producer George Lever (LoatheSleep Token), his new material delivers a consistent string of melodic earworms, nailgun riffs, and impassioned vocals that beckon the listener into a state of total immersion.

MAXI CURNOW has previously composed music that is published by the BBC and Universal Production Music,and his work has been used across a wealth of shows, channels, and services, including Louis TherouxSky SportsJay Z V KanyeNetflix and Channel 4. He’s also collaborated with a wide range of prolific musicians and producers on his music, from Forrester Savell (KarnivoolSikThAnimals As LeadersTwelve Foot Ninja) to Mike Malyan (MonumentsDisperseThe Algorithm) Rabea Massaad (ToskaDorje), Dave Hollingworth (ToskaDorjeToby Peterson-Stewart (The Omnific), Doug Harper (Rick AstleyGary BarlowBook of Mormon), Acle Kahney (TesseracT), Luke Martin (Plini) and many more.

With a long list of first-hand experiences alongside so many musical greats, MAXI CURNOW‘s diverse background inspired him to embark on a raw and visceral dive into storytelling, focused on the process of recovery from traumatic events. Each honest, heavy, and heartfelt song draws upon his most formative experiences – including his work as a firefighter and the events he witnessed in the line of duty.

From 2014’s 25-minute odyssey ‘Stem’ (during which no single section is repeated), to the hard-hitting video for his 2015 single ‘If We Make It’, and 2016’s widely respected LP TransitionMAXI CURNOW‘s compositional, technical, emotional, and in-studio skills have combined to create an all-encompassing experience, a synergy between intelligent messages, precisely chosen tones, and impactful visuals.

Following the global online success of ‘Far Gone’, a collaboration with YouTube guitar guru Rabea Massaad (ToskaDorje), MAXI CURNOW has proven himself ready to emerge onto the global stage. ‘Tar & Honey’ finds him fully prepared to step once more into the spotlight as a solo artist, to find out what the future has in store.