Sumerian Records: New Releases

New Black Veil Brides album OUT NOW!

“A decade ago I was just a teenager trying to find my way and meet like minded musicians, I was fortunate enough to meet Jake and Jinxx and we clicked instantly. I can remember writing so many of these songs in the tiny hollywood apartment Jake and I shared and tracking our own demos so to have the opportunity to take a look at these songs again and update them for the modern era of the band with Jake at the helm producing and mixing is a full circle moment for us. We have never been happier as a band and it’s amazing to get the chance to start over and do with this record what we always wished we could have the first time around. We had so much fun tracking these songs and the 5 of us worked together every day to hopefully make this something special that you will enjoy. This isn’t meant to be a replacement for original album but rather a companion piece that we hope fans will love and see the musical evolution of the band in a unique way.” 

– Andy Black
Knives and Pens (Official Stream)

Khaos x4 (Official Stream)

Talking To Myself (Official Lyric Video)

“Cover Me is about love’s underground. The video gives you a peek into the love that we have for each other within our band. The treacherous oceans of reality have always tested the strength of our bonds, but now more than ever we’ve had to trust one another to get through the storm. We don’t go at it alone”.  ⁣

– Kimi Shelter

Cover Me (Official Video)

Cover Me (Acoustic)

Subtle Mistakes (Acoustic)

Sleeping with Sirens – Talking To Myself drum playthrough w/ Matty Best OUT NOW! 🥁

New coloring contest! 

Download / print, & post your entry on IG tagging @sumerianrecords & @palayeroyale w/ #ColorPalaye. 3 winners selected 8/06 will receive signed ‘The Bastards’ vinyl and Palaye coffee mug!