Billyracxx Premieres Live Performance Video of “Melt My Face”


Butterflies Pt. 1 EP  /  Butterflies Pt. 2 EP

Butterfly” Music Video premiere on PAPER MAGAZINE

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Known for his edgy tracks and incredible visual productions, Billyracxx is breaking barriers in the music industry. Constantly raising the bar for himself, the Houston rapper focuses on creating stunning, next level videos to accompany his groundbreaking style of Hip-Hop. 

Although the rapper has called Houston his home for over a decade, he originally hails from Florida. His signature sound may be rooted in the Bayou City, but it does not fit the mold of a typical Houston rapper. Billyracxx has created his own mold unlike anything previously seen or heard in Hip Hop. His music is gritty and emotionally palpable, while his visuals are stunning and uncomfortably visceral. Billyracxx acts as both the writer and creative director for all of his projects. He rose up with his recent album “Religion” (2019), which he wrote and conceptualized by himself. The eight-track project was also produced by CHASETHEMONEY, who is known for his collaborations with artists Valee, G Hebro, Chance the Rapper and most recently JID and J. Cole.

Exactly a year later, Billyracxx released his next project: a two-part EP “Butterflies Pt. 1” and “Butterflies Pt. 2.” The accompanying London-based music video for his song “Butterfly” served as the initial inspiration for his dual EP concept. While the first single released from the EPs, “Kill Me,” aims to prove that Billyracxx will either become successful for his creative influence or die trying. In every video on the project, Billyracxx can be seen wearing butterfly wings to symbolize how his unique Hip Hop sound mimics the sound of a butterfly’s wings.

Following these EPs, Billyracxx released his single “Melt My Face.” The track embodies the natural rebellion that comes with everything he does as an artist – between his genre-bending tracks and cinematic visuals. The single has already been featured on Wonderland,Office Mag and Cool Accidents (Australia). Billyracxx will next be releasing a “Melt My Face” live performance video today and music video on August 7th. With each music release bigger and better than the last, it goes to show that Billyracxx will never stop striving for perfection and shaking up the music industry along the way.

“This music video represents the natural rebellion that comes with everything I do. So many people see me as like a videogame character, or a cult figure, or a real rising star… at the same time there’s a lot of people who are still trying to figure me out. I’m art. You will never be able to figure me all the way out. But at least appreciate that it’s authentic. Take from it, form opinions, follow me. The worst thing you can do is idolize something or someone that’s a gimmick. “Melt My Face” is some real genre bending, cinematic, Avant-garde, cult classic type shit. From a black man who has no fear about who he is.

Billyracxx on ‘Melt My Face’