Michael Rapaport and Eric S share an important message for the coronavirus pandemic

Michael Rapaport and Eric S share an important message for the coronavirus era

Listen to “Stay the Funk in the House (PSA Song)” out now
via Playground Music

Actor Michael Rapaport collaborates with Swedish producer Eric S to share an important message that could possibly be the global soundtrack to the whole current virus pandemic!

Michael Rapaport, an outspoken actor, director and podcaster with over 30 years in the entertainment industry lends his voice to what we hope can be the global motivation to stay the f**k in the house and not cause further spreading of coronavirus.

“Stay the Funk in the House (PSA Song)” was inspired by part of a speech he recently published on social media urging parents to keep their kids at home. That’s where Swedish producer Eric S comes in. He sampled the speech to create the song and quickly launched a rough version on YouTube. The reactions were so positive that all parties involved agreed to make it official and launch it within the next 24 hours. Here it is. Take it to heart! Singalong and dance your asses of… but at home!

Michael Rapaport himself adds; “We can beat this virus together worldwide if we all just Stay The Funk In The House!”