Greek Band, SiXforNinE, Release album “Parallel Universe”

When you think of Greece you think of gods, goddesses, heroes, and Titans. After listening to Parallel Universe, you may start to question what you know about Greek mythology and consider SiXforNinE one of the great Titans.

Based out of Athens, Greece, SiXforNinE really are Titans of metal. Considered alternative metal, their songs have amazing beats, hard hitting guitar riffs, and super clean vocals. Seriously, lead vocalist Fotis Benardo absolutely crushes these songs. Guitarist George Kapa shreds on guitar, Pete Outfox desolates on drums, and Herc Booze lays a nice bass line while backing up on vocals. The band comes together and puts out a sound that would make Zeus himself rock Olympia.

One of the hardest hitting songs, and my personal favorite from the album, is “Bullet Off Its Course”. The song features a great guitar solo, amazing bass, hard hitting perussion, and great vocals and lyrics. Listen for yourself below.

Parallel Universe is full of songs that will have you rocking out at home, at work, in your car, or wherever you are. The album is available now to buy or stream at iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and Google Play.

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Parallel Universe:
1. Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining
2. Life Devouring Demons
3. Bullet Off Its Course
4. Never Ending Road
5. More Than Words Can Say
6. Counting Stars (A Parallel Universe)
7. Out of the Blue
8. Sea of Lies
9. Meditation HyperJam