Roses Unread Releases New Single & Video “Rapture”

I caught up with Allison, the vocalist of Roses Unread last week for what we thought would be a quick interview. As usual, we ended up chatting a lot longer than anticipated as if we were old friends catching up. As it turns out, we kinda are. As I was preparing for the interview, I realized that their first album “The Commencement” (which I LOVE) came out in 2009, and I’ve interviewed her 3 or 4 times over the past 6 years. Even though it had been at least 2 years since we last spoke, the conversation went as if were yesterday.

Roses Unread is:
Allison Purifoy – Vocalist
John Purifoy – Guitarist
Jed Hood – Bassist
Rocky Griggs – Drummer

RL: For those who aren’t familiar with Roses Unread…who is Roses Unread?
RR: My husband John and I formed the band back in 2007. As with most bands, we’ve been through a couple lineup changes. In fact, we just lost a drummer and were able to replace him right away. We just released who it was yesterday, and we weren’t really meaning to…it just kinda happened. We were in our group chat – “This is the worst secret ever!” (Laughs) It just keeps happening. We accidentally posted a spoiler, and not a lot of people saw it, but it was supposed to be posted in the secret group. We took it down, but a few people saw it, and some others have found out.
We used to play with the band “Prosevere”. Well their drummer Rocky Griggs, who is from Arkansas wasn’t currently doing anything, as some other members were working on side project. We were brainstorming about who to get and Rocky’s name came up. So we called him up and he came out…it just kinda worked. It clicked. It’s really been awesome. We’re really excited.
RL: Isn’t it crazy how some things just fall into place?
RR: It is! I mean, we played with for years and years. And actually, John is also from Arkansas. Rocky and John are actually childhood buddies.

RL: So you have a new single “Rapture” coming out.
RR: Yes! There is a video along with it. We’ve been posting little teasers, not much. The secret was supposed to that we’ll show Rocky when the video drops. But the secret’s already out.
The whole Rapture thing, is just becoming something new. We’ve been through some changes…we got Rocky and everything just felt right. We raptured off the old Roses Unread. It’s a different metamorphosis. When you see the video, it’ll make a little more sense.

RL: You have an EP also coming out.
RR: Yeah, the EP is also called “Rapture” and it will have 5 songs on it.
RL: So this is your 4th…or 5th album/EP that you’ve put out?
RR: The very first one we released was “The Commencement”, and we were like babies.
RL: I looked it up and it was 10 years ago, in 2009. It doesn’t like it’s been that long.
RR: It does and it doesn’t. When I stop and think about it; “Well, I guess it really has been 10 years!” But it doesn’t feel like it. Then we had “Until We Meet Again” so that was our second. The third one we put out was self-titled. Fourth was “The Silver Lining”…and then “Vultures” and now “Rapture”, so that’s actually six.

RL: You have a release show scheduled as well?
RR: Yeah, we actually have a really cool documentary coming out. It’ll be the 18th, so it’s right before the music video. And then the whole EP on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify will be available on August 23rd. On the 24th we’re having our release show in our hometown of Jackson.

RL: The documentary…is that going to be video?
RR: It’s a video, about 15 minutes long. There’s some studio stuff we did, and us acting like idiots…that kinda stuff. We think it’s funny, but probably nobody else does! (Laughs) But as a fan, I love that stuff.

RL: On the EP…you said there’s 5 songs? Is there any one song on the EP that means more to you, or sorta stands out for you?
RR: They all have a special place, but the last one titled “Zy”. I’m a 2nd grade teacher, and I lost one of my students from my classroom. I went through a really bad time. I went to my producer and said “I gotta write a song about what happened…how I felt, and what I was going through.” I wrote that song, and after I did…I felt like this weight lifted. So if you’re talking about meaningful, that would be the one…because it really let me close that open wound.

RL: I’m granting you the ability to resurrect a rockstar to collaborate with…or it can even be someone who’s still alive. Who would it be?
RR: Ok…I’m giving you both. Two people to resurrect would be Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington. I’d love to just see them, because I never got to…not even to perform with…just to see them. To get to see them play live would be SO awesome, because they’re a huge inspiration to me as a songwriter. Those 2 really hit home. Ones that are still alive…Sevendust…definitely Sevendust. I’ve seen them 22 times. Lajon just has that presence. He’s not all up in your face and rude about it, but he makes you want to listen to him. It’s just his tone and his confidence.

RL: So, do you have anything else coming up…and shows?
RR: We have “Our Scene United” in Memphis. It’s like 50 bands for 4 days. It runs from July 24th through the 28th. We play Saturday the 27th.
Then there’s August 10th in Jackson, MS at Cowboy’s Saloon. The CD release is August 24th at The Naked Turtle in Jackson, TN. After that is Metal Fest in Madison, AL on August 31st.

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