Them Evils – Classic Rock With A Modern Roll

After seeing Them Evils for the first time on Shiprocked, I definitely wanted to get to know the band more and hopefully do a feature. I ran into them when we were at port in Cozumel, and spoke to them briefly while Jake rode off on someone’s back to get more beers. As luck would have it, they were playing near me in Wisconsin a couple weeks later. The Majestic Theater in Madison is where I caught up to them and did the interview.

Them Evils is:

Jordan Griffin – Guitar, Lead Vocals

Jake Massanari – Bass, Vocals

David Delaney – Drums, Vocals

RL: There might be a couple people who have never heard of Them Evils. Give us a brief history of the band and who you are.

Jordan: The band is from Orange County, CA. That’s where the band originally started with Jake and me. We were in a band called “The Wild Folks” back in Las Vegas where we grew up. The scene wasn’t working out for us there, and we wanted to move to California to be in the LA – San Diego area. So…we sacked up; moved with a few hundred bucks in our pockets, quit our jobs, and said “Let’s make this work!”

RL: That can be somewhat terrifying, can’t it?

Jordan: Oh yeah. For the first year and a half or so, it was really rough.

Jake: It was definitely a struggle, but we persevered. We had no friends out there, so Jordan and I would just get stoned and go to Walmart.

RL: So THAT’S where I’ve seen you before…on the People of Walmart website, wearing cheetah print pants.

Jake: I was actually wearing Hammer pants.

RL to David: So when did you join the band then?

David: I think it was about a year and a half after they moved here. I was looking for a band myself, but wasn’t having any luck. When I was about ready to move on, I got a call from an old friend from high school. He said there was a guy he worked with named Jordan who was looking for a drummer and that I should check it out because I’d like the kind of music that they play. Jordan sent me 4 songs, and rented a rehearsal spot for 2 hours. We breezed through the 4 songs in about 20 minutes. That left us with over an hour and a half of paid time. Jordan just started playing “It Ain’t Like That” by Alice In Chains, and we just jammed a bunch of covers the rest of the time. It was kinda set in stone at that point that this is what I was going to be doing.

Jordan: Love at first feel.

RL: That’s a great song – early AC/DC. Your music, to me anyway, has kind of a 70’s vibe to it.

Jake: Thank you! That’s what we love.

Jordan: Classic rock, with a modern roll.

RL: Speaking of classic rock, if you could resurrect one rockstar to perform with, who would it be?

Jordan: Jim Morrison

Jake: That’s what was gonna say…yeah. Jim Morrison.

David: I wanna say Kurt Cobain.

Jordan: Ooooooo…Layne Staley. Now that we’ve brought up the 90’s, I gotta go with Layne. I can play guitar, so I’d rather play with someone who can sing.

David: Jordan wasn’t a singer until they came out here. We didn’t have a singer so he said “I guess I’ll do it.”

RL: It works! You sound great.

Jordan: We all learned together. When we first started the band, we all fucking sucked. We were fucking horrid. It takes a few years for a band to get good and tight, and I think we’re finally at that point.

Jake: We’ve spent a lot of time on the road the past 3-4 years, and that definitely helps. We’ve been playing some of these for 3 years.

Jordan: We could go a month without rehearsing, we’ve played them so much.

Jake: Which is kinda this tour.

Jordan: A week before we left for tour, I got sick with the flu. We actually only got together 2-3 times and jammed – like “This is our set. Take it or leave it.”

RL: Let’s talk about Shiprocked a little bit. What was the best part for you.

Jake: I won $240 on roulette. Thanks, Mike! You got me addicted. (Mike is their Tour Manager)

David: Everything’s a little blurry, actually. (laughs)

Jordan: Mine was seeing Monster Truck twice. And the beach party in Cozumel.

Jake: That was wild! That was fun.

Jordan: It was all inclusive drinks and food.

Jake: We didn’t eat, but…

Jordan: Mike and I were drinking Pina Coladas the whole time, and I was sloshed.

Jake: I was getting my hair braided for an hour and a half.

Jordan: Yeah, we did some weird things.

David: One night, Jake and I got undressed onstage at karaoke for Bohemian Rhapsody. Jake was originally supposed to do it by himself, but I just popped up out of nowhere and said “Jake! What’s up?!” He’s like “Dude! We have to do this together! Don’t let me do this!”

Jake: Some random dude we were hanging out with earlier was like “You’re going to do Bohemian Rhapsody with me bro.” When the time came the karaoke host said “Them Evils is closing out the night with Bohemian Rhapsody.” Neither of them were there…this isn’t Them Evils…it’s just me! And then David stumbles up out of nowhere – “Hey!” And I’m like “perfect”.

David: We had the crowd going.

RL: Who’s the funniest person in the band?

Jordan: *points at Jake* This guy.

David: He’s quick…quick witted.

Jake: Also, that responsibility comes with being the most annoying…and I will also take that. I talk a lot, so some it’s bound to land…and when it does, it’s funny. The rest of it’s like “Dude, shut up!”

RL: Do you have any hobbies or passions outside of music?

*Mike makes an obscene gesture*

Jordan: I like to go to the gym, and the beach…hang out with my girlfriend and my dog. Other than that, I play guitar.

David: I like to play video games and watch movies. I also try to learn different instruments. I’m not really successful at it yet, but I’m working into it.

RL: What are your hobbies Jake, besides annoying people?

Jake: My friends back home are just as annoying as me, so we just hang out and do silly shit. I like to “juice” and be healthy…go to the gym sometimes. I like to detox before we retox on tour. We’re doing this pretty much full time, so we’re in rehearsal most of the time.

Jordan: There’s not a lot of time on our hands. We’re always together…jamming. Doing business stuff.

RL: What’s your favorite concert experience as a fan?

Jake: Rock On The Range seeing Metallica. In a rain storm. We were on tour with The Pretty Reckless. They were playing, but we weren’t. We got to hang out in the artist areas, where they had free booze and food. There was bands like Every Time I Die and Suicide Silence…all these bands that I’ve always listened to. Then Metallica comes on, and I’m there with my best friends, drinking free booze, watching Metallica in a rainstorm, in Ohio. It was probably the coolest thing I’ve ever experienced.

Jordan: We ran out to the RV that night, just to get out of there early. As soon as we got to the RV, I just chuked everywhere. Well, I made it to the toilet. I was coherent, but I must have drank to fast, and my body just didn’t want it anymore.

David: There was even a tweet that went out the next day by someone in the industry that said “I don’t think anyone had a better time during Metallica than Them Evils.”

RL: You’re playing Minnesota tomorrow night, then heading out West, playing in Washington state and a few more shows on your way back to California. What’s happening then?

Jordan: There are plans to do more writing, and make another record. We don’t know the timing of it yet. We’ll definitely be back this Summer. We’re playing Rock USA, so we’ll be back out on tour in July.

RL: You’re going to be working on new material. Are you anticipating a release in 2019?

Jordan: Oh, definitely!

Jake: It’s only February, so we have plenty of time.

David: We’ll probably start recording around April, but it depends on how the writing goes. We’ve got a lot of demos that we’re sitting on, so some of it’s done.

RL: Anything else you want to get out there to fans?

Jake: Follow us on social media. We’ve got a music video coming out for “Practice What You Preach.” It was all filmed on tour…Shiprocked. It’s all live footage of this tour with Pop Evil. So if you missed a show, watch the video to get a taste of what it was like. Make sure you don’t miss us next time! Rock USA in July, we’ll be touring in the Summer. New music coming out this year…keep an eye on!

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Live shots from their show at The Majestic Theater on 2/16/19 at The Majestic Theater in Madison, WI

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