SHIM’s Solo Debut Is A True Masterpiece

When you hear the name Shimon Moore, you generally fall into one of two classes: He’s a new name to you, or you were a massive fan of the Sick Puppies (ahem … I’m the latter). So it’s no surprise that I’ve seriously listened to this album more times than the average person probably has in a month (on REPEAT), and I may have fangirl’ed a little when I was asked to do this review. The conversation with myself may or may not have gone something like this:

‘Shim? Seriously? How is that even a question?’

But, although he may have the association with his former band, this album is not a Sick Puppies album and this is not the same Shim Moore from those former days. He has indeed broken away from the band and developed into his own – something that is apparent beginning in Track 1 and carrying all the way through Track 11. While we still get that same unmistakeable Shim voice (honestly, it’s absolutely beautiful) that we love, this album is eclectic, and that’s one of the things that makes it so captivating. “Secrets” gives off a Rock/Pop vibe, but it’s also sexy. “Crucified” isa gritty story of overcoming all the bullshit in life that gets thrown your way. “A Brand New War” is very reminiscent of Punk Rock, filled with fast-paced drum beats and angst-filled vocals. “Broken Men” is my personal favorite track on the entire album. The track is about how, despite having things to help us to keep moving forward, like the gift of life itself, so often we get hurt and we hold onto those hurts and are afraid to move on from them; when really we need to push past those hurts and not let them define us:

“Sometimes when we are falling down

We get back up from off the ground

But we’re too scared to fall again

So we walk like we’re broken men

I will start this from where I stand

I will be what you say I can’t

And I don’t care what the future brings

Cause the end is where I’ll begin”

The album also has its share of uplifting Pop/Rock tracks that are sure to ignite a little joy within anyone. With so much depth and raw talent delivered in one package, this is definitely an album that I have added to my collection. I look forward to seeing what Shim surprises us with next.

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