BOBAFLEX @The Machine Shop 08.26.17

I have only been to the Machine Shop one other time before this, so it was still a pleasant surprise walking in the door and taking in all of the paintings and stickers on the walls and the band photos flashing across the television screen. It’s a comforting place; a sort of home away from home for so many people- bands and fans alike. I spent the majority of the two opening bands sets catching up with a few long lost friends from the Bobaflex Fan Page and soon enough, it was time for some of my favorites to take the stage once again.

The Eloquent Demons (Intro) track blasts through the speakers, signifying a new age for Bobaflex fans. It’s a new introduction to their set, something we haven’t heard before. One by one, the guys take the stage and we soak up every single second of it. One of my favorite things about a Bobaflex show is that they are ALWAYS changing up their set list. To be honest, I don’t believe I have ever seen them perform exactly the same set twice, and that’s of over fifty different shows. I was pleasantly surprised to hear that the new opening song chosen was I Am a Nightmare, the opposing story to A Spider in the Dark. Shaun continued on with the usual necessities: I’m Glad You’re Dead, Mama (Don’t Take My Drugs Away), and Chemical Valley. Marty then took over vocals with Never Coming Back and Bad Man and then brought forth the new single, Long Time Coming- a personal favorite of mine. The harmonies on the new album and this song in particular completely take my breath away. Marty finished up his segment with A Spider in the Dark before Shaun took over again with another song from Anything That Moves, Start a War, followed by an old favorite, Rise. The diehards love when Bobaflex pulls from the older albums; there’s just something about that older Bobaflex sound that really gets the crowd going. Marty continued on with his second set of lead vocals, dedicating Losing My Mind to Tommy (as per usual), beautifully bringing the Pink Floyd classic Hey You to life, and finishing off the set by reminding the fans that Bobaflex is in town with Bury Me With My Guns. A solid thirteen song set for the beginning of the Eloquent Demons tour, if I do say so myself. Before leaving, I made sure to pick up my copy of the new album at merch because there’s nothing better than owning a hard copy that some of my favorite people have created themselves. I left the show that night with a smile on my face, wondering how on earth it’s possible that Bobaflex still gets better and better every single time I see them.