Review: Another Lost Year – Alien Architect

Clinton Cunanan – Guitar/Vocals

Adam Hall – Bass/Vocals

Jorge Sotomarino – Guitar

Nate Walker – Drums

Another Lost Year is one of the few real bands out there. By real, I mean what you see is what you get. Four guys take the stage, and they pour their souls out in one of the most raw, real performances I’ve ever experienced. Somehow, they tapped that and put it on a disc of twelve songs and released it this past June for the world to hear.

ALY’s second full length album is titled Alien Architect, and it starts out by grabbing our attention immediately with an intro track, which is a clip discussing how truly great the United States is in a satirical way. The ending echoes with vocals from track two, Wolves, and dives right in with the heaviest track on the album. Initially, Wolves was my favorite track out of all twelve. It gets you moving right off the bat, with drums to bang your head to and solos enough to make you a pro air-guitarist. The part that really gets me is the harmonies; Clinton Cunanan is a great vocalist. Adding Adam Hall to the mix makes them phenomenal. I have goosebumps just thinking about it. Track two is Bastard Sons, and it is one of a few that have definite political values. It took multiple plays to grow on me, but it fits well at the beginning of the album and does a great job at playing up the instrumental values of the band beyond the vocals.

Trigger Finger is up next, and the more I listen to it, the more I fall in love with it. From the second the song starts, Nate Walker’s drums catch my attention and keep it all the way to the last beat. The lyrical content of this song is some of the most powerful on the album. Track five is titled The Best is Yet to Come, and is easily the catchiest song. It is also the first song of multiple slower paced tracks. Run the Tank Out is that “summer love” song that has you thinking about past flings and tapping your foot along the whole while. The next track, This is Life, is another lyrical masterpiece. It’s very much one of the most meaningful and significant songs of the album, starting out mellow within the verses and becoming bolder and extremely catchy into the chorus. It’s a fantastic lead in to track eight, which is a tear jerker for sure. The lyrics of He Took Beautiful Away pull on the heartstrings of one who may find it difficult to leave an unhealthy relationship. This carefully thought out song takes ahold of your feelings and sways you through an array of beautifully played guitars and delicately sung vocals that would be difficult to forget. Track nine, Memories, is the last of the slower paced songs. It tip toes in and brings all of the feelings out from every failed relationship’s unreturned love through Jorge Sotomarino’s captivating guitar solo.

We All Die Alone then jumps in, a song written as a reminder to all that PTSD is a real thing and that it can affect every single person, no matter who you are. The somber tone rings out, but sucks you in to yet another thought provoking and catchy song that you can’t help but bob your head to. The eleventh track continues on the more upbeat pattern, becoming quite repetive and easily stuck in your head. On and On is one of my lesser favorites, but is still a great track overall. It fades out and is replaced with Holding On/Letting Go, the final track of the album. This song caught my attention because it seemed to come from a different angle than most of the other songs. Similar in a way to track seven, it switches back and forth between mellow verses and a catchy chorus, with a few wonderfully played out guitar riffs mixed in.

Overall, Alien Architect takes you for a roller coaster ride of emotions, but that’s nothing new for a fan of Another Lost Year. This album had a few surprises (Wolves, Trigger Finger, We All Die Alone) that I felt were a bit different from their past music, but a lot of it was classic ALY, and I can’t complain about that.

Track List:

1 Intro

2 Wolves

3 Bastard Sons

4 Trigger Finger

5 Best is Yet To Come

6 Run The Tank Out

7 This Is Life ft. Jose Urquiza

8 He Took Beautiful Away

9 Memories

10 We All Die Alone

11 On And On

12 Holding On/Letting Go

Overall Rating – 9/10